Huaijin Pi


Huaijin Pi

Huaijin Pi

I am a junior student at Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University. I am interested in solving computer vision problems such as 2D detection, instance segmentation, objects tracking and 3D vision based on learning methods.

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  • Chinese (Native)
  • English (TOEFL - 98)


  • Travelling
  • Jogging

Research Experiences

CCVL Lab, Johns Hopkins University

June 2020 - Present
Advisor: Prof. Alan Yuille
Neural architecture search (visit as a virtual intern)

3D Vision Group in CAD&CG State Key Lab

Jan 2019 - Present
Advisor: Prof. Xiaowei Zhou
Instance segmentation

Recognition Group in NGCLab

Oct 2018 - Present
Advisor: Prof. Yu Zhang
One-shot detection and instance segmentation


Zhejiang University

GPA: 3.97/4.00 90.3/100
Major in Robotics
Control Science and Engineering and Mechanical and Electronic Engineering in China
Zhejiang University Scholarship – First Prize
2017 - 2021(expected)



    Enhanced Training of Robotics Technology
  • Control a real robot to move as the desired trajectory under different settings such as moving barriers and escaping from the siege of 8 robots with RRT algorithm, A* algorithm and potential field.
  • Global path planning with RRT and A* on ROS platform.
  • Controlled a manipulator to move around a pre-defined position on Matlab.
    Introduction of Robotics
  • Design a real robot to catch cylinders, carry the cylinders following the pre-defined path and place them in the right place.